Welcome to the

2018 Black & Blue Spring Fling 

May 5th-6th, 2018

CE Blossom Fields and CE McAllister Fields

Lonestar Soccer Club San Antonio and Classic Elite Black and Blue Spring Fling

Boys and Girls

U7 – U8 – $325

U9-U10 – $375

U11- U12 – $450

Important Dates and Deadlines

Thursday, April 26, 2018 – Deadline to register 

Tournament Registration

How to Register for the Tournament

To register, managers must use their official GotSoccer team account and register with their
team age during spring season. Managers should also create an event roster in the application to allow selection of players and the addition of new or guest players.

Register Here
Field Information

Field Locations

CE McAllister 
11600 Starcrest Drive, San Antonio, TX 78247
CE Blossom 
1600 E. Bitters Road, San Antonio, TX 78216
Hotel Information

Hotel Information - Stay to Play Event- 10th Annual Copa Lonestar | February 17-18, 2018

Out of town teams:
Hotel Information – Stay to Play Event- 2018 Black and Blue Spring Fling | May 5-6, 2018.
We have partnered with Pse Event Housing to provide attendees/groups with the best available hotel rates and a smooth booking experience.
Our event is a “Stay to Play” event:  A good working relationship with hotels is critical for the long-term success of our event. For this reason, teams or attendees who are traveling from out of town are required to book their rooms through our Official Travel Partner, Pse Event Housing, to ensure that our room blocks are utilized. In short, since the hotels are holding rooms for our event, we must use these rooms.
Lowest Available Room Rates:  View hotels and book online:  https://pse.tournamenthotels.com/pse/Event/1790
The best hotels will book up quickly so please book well in advance.
Book by Phone:  888-417-6446

COPA Lonestar FAQs

Why is an EVENT roster important and how do I create one?

Creating an EVENT roster in GotSoccer will allow team managers to remove non-participating players and add guest players to the event application. This will ensure player information is correct on the printed game cards and tournament related information.

To create an event roster, begin by navigating to the event application from your team GotSoccer account. Once in the event application, navigate to the roster tab. You should see a drop down option to select the roster you would like to use for the event. Use the drop down to select “event roster” then enter your player information.

You should be able to select players from your official league roster and add guest players if you have them. Most organizations lock out default or league rosters so it is important to create an event roster if you intend to use guest players.

Can I register my team after the deadline?

Yes. The registration link will remain open to accept teams but teams that register after the deadline may not be accepted into the event. The tournament director will review late registrations but may waitlist teams depending on several factors–including late registration. For this reason it is best to register as early as possible.

Waitlisted teams will not be charged a registration fee unless they are accepted into the tournament. It is not uncommon for a team to drop a week or two prior to the tournament. If this happens, the director will look first to the waitlisted teams for a possible replacement team. In short, there is no charge to register after the deadline but there is a greater chance your team may be offered a spot in the event than if you don’t register at all.

When will I know if my team has been accepted?

Teams are accepted once the team registration fee has been received and processed. We will accept teams as long as we have space available

Can my team commute or stay with friends/family?

Yes. However, the tournament requires that all out of town teams make hotel accommodations through PSE. Their link is listed on our website. Teams who do not follow this rule may be disqualified from the event.

Can I pay for my team registration online?

Yes. The event application in GotSoccer will allow you to select pay by check or pay by credit card payment methods. If you would like to pay by credit card you will need to select this method and enter your credit card information.

GotSoccer will not charge your card immediately. GotSoccer simply retains your information so that the tournament director can batch the credit card transaction when the team is accepted into the event. Remember, teams are generally not accepted into the event until payment has been received.

Can I check in my team online or by fax?

Lonestar SC SA only offers online or electronic check in. The team manager or authorized representative must check in the team by Wednesday prior to the tournament. Important information (including instructions for team check in) will be emailed to managers and coaches through the standard GotSoccer messaging system.

Do team managers need to provide gamecards?

No. The tournament will print gamecards and provide them to the referee site coordinator. The winning team (home team in the case of a tie) will be responsible for returning the gamecard to the tournament director. Review the rules document for additional information.

Can a player participate in the tournament if he/she is wearing a hardcast?

No. This is a strict STYSA policy. Under no circumstances will players with hardcasts be permitted to play. Review the tournament rules document and/or STYSA policy for additional information. This rule will be enforced regardless of the team affiliation (USYS or US Club).

What color does the home team wear?

Lonestar SC SA tournament rules state that home team (the team listed first on the schedule) will wear their dark uniform and the visitors will wear their light colored uniforms. Pinnies are an acceptable alternative if there is a color conflict. In the case of new teams or order delays, clubs should make every effort to ensure each player has a unique jersey number and that the uniforms are as similar as possible.

What happens in case of injury?

Lonestar SC SA will ensure that each location is staffed with at least one athletic trainer. In the case of larger events, more than one trainer may be available and will coordinate (with the assistance of the tournament director and referee coordinator) for care if required.

Can I bring my pet to the tournament?

Pets are not allowed at any of the venues that will be played at.

How do I get score updates and important tournament information?

GotSoccer will allow participants and their families to sign up for score updates. Tournament staff also use standard GotSoccer messaging as a valuable communication source. For this reason, it is very important that team manager and coach information is accurate in the tournament application information.

For most communication, information is shared with managers and coaches with the intent that these team contacts will share the information with parents and players. In some cases, the tournament director may send messages through GotSoccer to all contact information associated with the teams. In case of inclement weather, Lonestar staff will update the rainout information on our website on the home page and use the GotSoccer messaging service.

Who should I contact if I've lost (or found) something at the tournament?

Visit the headquarters tent at the location where you lost (or found) the item. If the tournament is over, contact the tournament director at ddriggers@lonestar-sc-sa.com