How Lonestar provides opportunity to your youth

Player Development

How we focus on each player individually

The reality we face is each player is unique, they develop at different rates. We provide the opportunity to our players to train and play at an appropriate level of play for their current level of performance. This helps us ensure we can get all players in the best environment for their continual development. It also means, that would benefit from moving up a level of play because they have improved very quickly over a short period of time, we can do it.

Likewise if a player is finding it difficult within their currently assigned environment and will benefit from increased playing time and a slightly less challenging speed of play, we can do it. Player movement exists to benefit the players, at Lonestar SCSA it happens fluidly as needed and without friction between coaches, administrators or parents.

Changing the Landscape

How Lonestar uses competition to fuel your child's success

Additionally, having teams across multiple levels of play in an age group creates competition between our players for roster spots. We consider this healthy, as it helps to foster a competitive mindset in demands hard work from each player therefore raising the bar that our players set for themselves assuring that they develop accountability for their progress as a soccer player and athlete.

This is a terrific life lesson for our players, much bigger than the game of soccer and it isn’t always easy process. Learning to manage success and failure, working through the struggles, while continuing to improve their game is a critical piece of the development process, for all of our players.

How we develop

our players

Our Professional coaching staff led by our Director of Coaching, focus on developing each player and each team, in the knowledge that continued well executed player focused training will lead to winning soccer games eventually. Winning soccer games, isn’t our be all and end all, but it is a fun reward for players and teams and constantly striving to win is a part of being a successful, competitive soccer player, team and club.

The process of Player Development is the priority, the positive outcomes of that process translate into winning outcomes and the consequence of all the hard work and dedication. ‘Changing the Landscape’.

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Meet Our Team

Nick Hallam

Director of Coaching

Eric Johnson

Assistant Director of Coaching

Dennis Bryan Lonestar

Dennis Bryan

PPD - Junior Program

Diana Driggers

PDD - Boys Academy (U8-U10)

Gabe Serda

Assistant PDD - West Program

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