35 Lonestar SC San Antonio Players Make South TX ODP Pool

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Lonestar SC San Antonio would like to congratulate the players who made the South Texas ODP State Pool.

Many Lonestar SCSA players brought their best to ODP tryouts by displaying their technical attributes, making good decisions on and off the ball and showing leadership skills. We are proud to see our players able to take what they learn from our professional coaching staff and the LSSA playing philosophy then display it on a different stage and earn recognition for it. These players will now attend State Pool Training Sessions for an opportunity to be selected to the Region III camp.

Good luck boys and girls and let the work begin!

05/06G 04G 03G 02G 01G
Victoria Foster

Angela Lopez

Madelyn Oberholtzer

Mabry Williams

Celina Baltimore

Mallory Gomez-Leon

Jadis Kirk

Grace Loehr

Kendall Peterson

Ara Prieto

Teah Vloedman

Alexis Washington

Kate Cardinal

Audrey Davis

Lyndee Rheinberger

Angela Baltimore

Isabella Castro

Arielle Chodosh

Amber Lockwood

Asia Cavazos

Katelyn Davis

Ashlyn Fulgham

Clarissa Martinez

Ambree Rheinberger

Haley Smith

05/06B 03B 02B
Hugo Arce

Anderson Boggess

Nicholas Hernandez

Jeremiah Pullen

Gabriel Delanoy

Brandon Garcia

Cole Hill

Julian Horvath

Joshua Levin

John Navarro

The function of ODP is the identification, selection, and opportunity for development of the state’s top players, and through high level training and competition, to provide the means by which these players are prepared to compete for selection for regional, national, collegiate and professional opportunities. https://usys-assets.ae-admin.com/assets/975/15/AboutODP.pdf

Lonestar SCSA & ISL Futbol Sign Annual Development Agreement

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Lonestar Soccer Club San Antonio signs annual development agreement with ISL Futbol

San Antonio, Texas – Lonestar SC SA announces annual affiliation with ISL Futbol, Official Partner of FC Barcelona and the Former Player’s Association in the United States.The partnership covers all aspects of Lonestar SC SA from the U6’s up to the U18’s.

By forming this relationship Lonestar SC SA is making great strides to aid development at the club. Lonestar SC SA will have full access to all the FC Barcelona activities the year around. Each one of the programs will have one main focus, youth development.

Already a well-established club, Lonestar SC SA is now the first club in the state of Texas to affiliate with ISL Futbol. Also, Lonestar SC SA is the only soccer club in San Antonio to has exclusive access to the FC Barcelona activities.

“ISL Futbol is looking forward to making things happen with Lonestar SC SA. They share the same values that ISL Futbol implement. The emphasis on true player development and the education of the values through soccer are the keys to ensure the players takes the most from the coaches and this beautiful game. We look forward to a prosperous, ongoing relationship over the coming years.” said Alex Isern, Co-Founder of ISL Futbol.

“Lonestar SC SA is really excited to partner with ISL Futbol…” said Eric Johnson, Director of Coaching at Lonestar SC SA.

About – ISL Futbol is the official partner of FC Barcelona in the United States.

If you would like to know more about ISL Futbol feel free to visit their website at: http://www.islfutbol.com/

FC Barcelona Announces 2017 Youth Development Camp in Cooperation with Lonestar SCSA

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2017 Official FCBEscola Soccer Camp

San Antonio, Texas – FC Barcelona announces 2017 Youth Development Camp in San Antonio, TX.

FC Barcelona revealed the date and location for the 2017 FCBEscola Soccer Camp held in San Antonio, TX. The camp will take place at South Texas Area Regional Soccer Complex (STAR) July 10th through 14th, with the support of Lonestar Soccer Club San Antonio.

Boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 16 will have the opportunity to learn the same successful methodologies from which players such as Messi, Iniesta, and Xavi emerged from.

Official coaches from FC Barcelona will come exclusively to San Antonio, TX to conduct all the training sessions, which only allows for limited spaces. The FC Barcelona Youth Academy is the most renowned academy in the world. From a young age, the players are taught the values and techniques of the unique Barça style.

A group of selected players from the camp will be invited to train in Barcelona at the FC Barcelona Headquarters.

ISL Futbol, the official partner of FC Barcelona in the United States, partnered with Lonestar Soccer Club San Antonio. Lonestar Soccer Club San Antonio has full access to a number of ISL Futbol Programs that all have one main focus, youth development.

Lonestar Soccer Club San Antonio is already a well renowned youth soccer club, and is the only club to affiliate with ISL Futbol in San Antonio.

                           Please click the link to register: http://camps.fcbarcelona.us

About – ISL Futbol is the official partner of FC Barcelona in the US.

For more information feel free to visit the websites below:

Lonestar San Antonio College Combine

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We will be hosting our own specific college combine event this spring on 24-26 February.  Our goal is to bring in a batch of college coaches to see our training environment and to promote our players.  We will have training on Friday, 24 February, games on the Saturday, 25 February and on Sunday, 26 February.  This will be our first time to offer this event and we are excited to put this together.  Along with the exposure to a group of college coaches, we will have a college panel discussion for players and parents on Saturday evening, 25 February so that college coaches can express their thoughts as to the recruiting process based on their individual schools.  


College Placement Program: Freshman Year

  • Attend High School orientation
  • Set four year Academic Plan with your high school counselor
  • Start a college folder to review with your Lonestar coach periodically
  • Start an academic goal list with your family
  • Set soccer achievements for yourself
  • Begin wish list of colleges you would like to attend
  • Be part of school activities (student government, clubs etc…) and community service projects
  • Begin to create a Student Player Profile/resume to send to college coaches: include academic and athletic accomplishments.
  • Get experience on a Lonestar team attending Showcase events – Boys: Lonestar SC Showcase (Nov)/FC Dallas Showcase (March); Girls: Sting or D’Feeters College Showcase (Nov); Lonestar College Showcase (Feb); Texas Shootout (June)

College Placement Program: Sophomore Year

  • Set Academic Plan for school year with counselor (Review and Revise)
  • Meet and review plan with Lonestar Director of College Placement
  • Meet with your coach and parents – Review plan
  • Review grades and goals with parents
  • Start listing 20+ schools you are interested in
  • Add to your Lonestar file a contact lists (Include school, coaches name, email, phone etc.)
  • Attend College Night High School functions
  • Sign up and take PSAT
  • Start gather additional information to write your personal cover letter, update profile/resume and share with Lonestar staff
  • Your Lonestar folder should be filling up
  • Plan to visit college campuses and attend matches to learn about school and soccer programs
  • Gain more experience on a Lonestar team attending Showcase events – Boys: Lonestar SC Showcase (Nov)/FC Dallas Showcase (March); Girls: Sting or D’Feeters College Showcase (Nov); Lonestar College Showcase (Feb); FC Dallas College Showcase (March); Texas Shootout (June)

College Placement Program: Junior Year

  • Academic Plan for school year with counselor and Lonestar Director of College Placement (Review and Revise)
  • Have your Lonestar folder ready to use at all times
  • Visit college nights, college fairs
  • Verify SAT registration deadlines. Take SAT and ACT www.collegeboard.com
  • Get letters of recommendation
  • Update cover letter and resume with the Lonestar staff
  • Continue to visit colleges of interest and watch matches to find climate and size you prefer
  • Attend financial Aid workshop/ Obtain financial form (FAFSA) www.fafsa.ed.gov
  • Start NCAA Clearinghouse application www.clearinghouse.net
  • Take AP classes or Honor classes if possible
  • Have your Top 10 preferred college list
  • Review college applications for admittance with your counselor
  • Gain more experience on a Lonestar team attending Showcase events – Boys: Lonestar SC Showcase (Nov); Sports Source Showcase (Dec); FC Dallas Showcase (March); Girls: Sting or D’Feeters College Showcase (Nov); Final IV Showcase (Dec); Sports Source Showcase (Dec); Lonestar College Showcase (Feb); FC Dallas College Showcase (March); Texas Shootout (June)

College Placement Program: Senior Year

  • Academic Plan for school year with counselor and Lonestar staff (Review and Revise)
  • Apply to the College/University (s) of Choice (September, October, November..)
  • Finalize application essay topics & recommendation letters
  • Review application essay with parents and teachers for proofing
  • Get Financial Aid forms (January 1)
  • Meet all application/scholarship/housing deadlines
  • Parents and student meet with school counselor to finalize transcripts
  • If necessary re-take SAT/ACT (Last date in December)
  • Send mid-year and final transcripts to clearing house
  • Meet with Lonestar staff for assistance as needed
  • Follow-up on all letters written to college coaches
  • Gain needed experience on a Lonestar team attending Showcase events – Boys: Lonestar SC Showcase (Nov); Sports Source Showcase (Dec); FC Dallas Showcase (March); Girls: Sting or D’Feeters College Showcase (Nov); Final IV Showcase (Dec); Sports Source Showcase (Dec);Lonestar College Showcase (Feb); FC Dallas College Showcase (March)
  • Have a strong soccer season to wrap up recruitment and/or prepare for college

Spanish Adventure for Lonestar SC San Antonio Player – Morgan Smith


Morgan Smith training with La Liga Academy of Granada C.F.

Land O’ Frost & Lonestar SC San Antonio – Announce Youth Sponsorship

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Lonestar San Antonio families,

We are proud to announce that Land O’ Frost has chosen Lonestar SC San Antonio for their 2016 SA Youth Sponsorship Program. This sponsorship will introduce the Land O’ Frost logo on the upper back of the grey practice shirt.

The Land O’Frost Youth Sports Program provides funds to local communities to help offset some of the costs associated with organizing and operating their youth sports programs for children up to 10 years old. Land O’Frost Youth Sports began in 2002 and since that time has grown to include more than 300 leagues, 12,500 teams, and 125,000 players. Since its inception, Land O’Frost Youth Sports has sponsored over million players.  

A message from Land O’ Frost:

“At Land O’Frost, we know the importance of families participating together in healthful, well-rounded experiences. We are grateful for the opportunity to give back to deserving communities and help keep children involved in positive character-building activities.

We would like to make a stronger effort to better communicate and be more closely involved with the leagues, the parents, and more importantly the children.

We would like to make a stronger effort to better communicate and be more closely involved with the leagues, the parents, and the children wearing Land O’Frost jerseys.  By inviting the leagues to post a special link on their own websites, we hope to build successful direct communication.  The link will take parents to a special page on the Land O’Frost website that is only accessible by that link.”

A message from our Directors:

If you would like to know more about Land O’ Frost visit the link below:


October Pink Out!

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Lonestar San Antonio Families,

This year Lonestar Soccer Club San Antonio is selling pink t-shirts again to show our support in the prevention, education, and the fight against breast cancer. Proceeds from the sale this year will go to both the American Cancer Society and our Player’s Foundation of San Antonio. You will be allowed to wear these pink shirts at practices throughout the month of October.  If your entire teams purchases one, they may be used as a warm up game shirt!   What great support of a cause and educational discussion with our children on “why we wear pink!” If you know of anyone diagnosed recently or who has fought the fight, please let us know, we would love to honor them the month of October!

(You may be getting a pink shirt option from soccer.com – those are different and no money comes to Lonestar San Antonio or goes to American Cancer Society)

How to get your pink shirt:

  • TEAM ORDER (select teams):  I have sent a “team order form” to your team managers.  It is not mandatory, but so much easier, if you could order as a team your sizes and delivery is secure.  If someone could take the lead and help your wonderful team manager….that would be GREAT!  Last year we sold over 1000 – until we ran out of various sizes. We were able to donate $2,500 to the Susan G. Komen Foundation!
  • INDIVIDUAL ORDER (micro/junior academy/select players):  These will be offered the first week of October on a first come, first serve basis with sizes.  We do not plan to reorder, so preorder secures your sizes for you and your family.  The individual order form is attached and can be brought with payment beginning next week at each location (see below for admin hours at each location below in red)

Cost: $20.00 per shirt

Cash/Check – Payable to Lonestar SC SA

Order Forms Due: September 15th

*Sizes are unisex

*The purchase is not mandatory.

Admin help on site @ each location – look for the Lonestar Flag:

STAR – Monday – Thurs 6-7:30

ASP – Tues and Wed 6-7:30

McAllister Lower B – Mon/Wed 7:00

Sports Medicine Associates of San Antonio – An Excellent Partnership Continued

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Lonestar San Antonio Families,

We are thrilled our partnership with Sports Medicine Associates of San Antonio (SMASA) continues for 2016-2017!

Last year we were able to work together in the Spring and get a good idea of what our club needs were from a tremendous partner such as Sports Medicine Associates of San Antonio (SMASA). Both SMASA and Lonestar SC SA have communicated so well in order to make this partnership successful. The Spring brought almost 60 visits at either our STAR or Alamo Sportsplex location. These players were seen if needed within 24 hours of the time we reached a SMASA representative. What a win/win to get our athletes seen and assessed so they can return back healthy as quickly as possible!

The representatives of SMASA will again be at our practice fields to evaluate any Lonestar athlete who is in need of an assessment of a possible injury, concussion, or evaluation. This will give your player a professional evaluation from one of our sports medicine partners, right at our fields!  If there is a concern of injury or discomfort for your player, sign up for a FREE assessment to get them checked out, feeling healthy, and back on the field as soon as possible. This sign up will stay on our website on a “need” basis for our players throughout the year.  

In order to be seen you MUST register for an appointment by using the link below or by clicking on the SMASA image on the Lonestar-sc-sa.com home page.  This will prepare the staff in knowing how many to expect that evening.  Once you have registered, you will immediately receive a release and acknowledgement form which requires a parent/guardian’s signature.  This form is needed in order to be evaluated by the athletic trainer on site.  A parent does not need to be present, but the form must be sent with the player for an evaluation (one is attached).  Spaces will be limited, so please do not wait and just walk up, as time may not allow.  

Register for your FREE Assesment appointment right HERE


Sports Medicine Associates of San Antonio Release and Acknowledgement (Medical Release)

Saturday Sports Clinics by SMASA (Information)

Important Times & Dates:

Concussion Baseline Testing (CBT) – Tentativley Saturday, December 3rd

 – More information to come regarding CBT

LSSA International Camp for Players 6-10 Years Old

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In conjunction with our International Camp for competitive players, Lonestar SC SA will be hosting a Mini International Camp with coaches from Spain, Mexico And USA. This unique opportunity is open to boys & girls ages 6 to 10 years old to participate and will focus on technical and tactical aspects of the game of soccer.


Date: July 23, 2016

Time: 9:00 am to 11:30 am

Location: Mays YMCA

Ages: 6 to 10 Boys and Girls

Price: $10

Coaches: Antonio Angel Barea Villegas,  Jose Antonio Martinez Haro,  David Garcia Hevia,  Taylar Sklar


About the coaches

  • Antonio Angel Barea Villegas (From Spain)

Currently a professor of CEDIFA, an organization dedicated to training soccer coaches in Spain. In the last decade he has been training soccer players from the Spanish Professional League and members from Granada CF coaching staff to scouting and traveling around the Europe.

Coaching Licenses

National License Level 1, 1999/2000, 10 Months Program*

National License Level 2, 2000/2001, 10 Months Program*

National License Level 3, 2001/2002, 10 Months Program*

Master- Professional Soccer 2006, 1 year Program CESFUTBOL

Master- College, Training and Leading 2007, 1 year Program University Camilo Jose Cela

Master- Expert in Sports Coaching 2009, 1 year Program

*Spanish futbol Federation

  • Jose Antonio Martinez Haro (From Spain)

Coach Martinez pays attention to offer a comprehensive soccer education in all areas in which the player as a person should be developed, social, mental, technical, tactical and physical. It is necessary for technical/tactical development, a perfect stage structure for player’s formation, where they increase their tactical culture from a greater knowledge of the game.

Coaching Licenses

Physical Education Degree 1992-1995, 4 Year Program

Universidad de Granada

National License Level 1, 1995/1996, 10 Months Program*

National License Level 2, 2000/2001, 10 Months Program*

National License Level 3, 2001/2003, 10 Months Program*

Master-Leadership in soccer enterprises 2006 1 year Program


Master-Professional Organize Soccer 2007 1 year Program


*Spanish futbol Federation

Lonestar SC San Antonio Dominates SAFC Pro Academy Selections

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Lonestar SC San Antonio is proud to recognize the 9 (nine) players from our program selected for the inaugural SAFC Pro Academy roster for the upcoming Fall 2016 / Spring 2017 season.

Jason Sukow – 04B Red SA

Leo Torres – 02B Black SA

David Kelly – 04B Red SA

Abraham Lincon – 04B Red SA

Christian Herrera – 04B Red SA

Eli Alaniz – 04B Red SA

Wyatt Anthony – 04B Red SA

J Daniel De Guzman – 04B Black SA East

Henrik Sakshaug – 04B Red SA

“We are delighted for these boys and their families. This recognition is reward for the hard work these players have put into their game in recent years”  began Nick Hallam – Lonestar SC San Antonio Director of Coaching.  “We are also very excited for our program and its future, to have such a significant number of the selections be Lonestar SC San Antonio players in this age group shows that the environment we are providing for our players and the training methods we are using in our own Junior Academy and Junior Program are having a really positive effect on our players abilities”  followed Hallam.

Recently SAFC Pro Academy held open trials to identify and select players in the 2004 age group. The selected players will form the training and game day rosters for the new SAFC Pro Academy. Over 100 players attended the tryout events and following several events 27 players were named to the first ever SAFC Pro Academy age group.

These players will now train for a year exclusively with SAFC Pro Academy staff based at STAR Soccer Complex.

“For the SAFC Pro Academy to pick so many of our players is a message of support from SAFC that our training approach and philosophy is developing players that they believe will impact the future of their professional program.” Stated Eric Johnson – new LSSA Assistant DOC and Senior Boys Director.

We will follow the progress of our players with excitement and pride, looking forward to their future achievements and hope that one day in the future we see them on the field representing SAFC first team.

Lonestar SC San Antonio wishes all the SAFC Pro Academy players and staff a great year on the field.

SAFC Pro Academy

The objective of the SAFC Pro Academy program is to identify and train the best players in the San Antonio market on a pathway to become a homegrown player for the San Antonio FC professional team or opportunities in college soccer. In addition to developing skilled and dynamic soccer players, key components of the program will be upon each player displaying excellent personal character, becoming actively involved in community activities, and focusing on academic performance. The SAFC Pro Academy is structured to be a collaborative initiative between all local youth clubs and organizations in the San Antonio community by offering these clubs the opportunity to be an active part of the player identification process and other benefits.